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Losail - Race 2
web_pony wrote in wsbk_racing

( photo courtesy of rideontwo post)
Ryuichi Kiyonari: one cool customer...)

There are always the 'unsung heroes' in any race and I think Ryuichi was Race 2's.
He moved up 12 places in 4 laps!! WTF! Awesome. Lots of time on the front runners but I am always curious and interested in the races going on in the back of the pack. They are just as heart-pounding. I was really pleased to see him
place 4th after all that.
"...get your yellow roses out Texas, we're two-stepping to the sound of a new superhero of superbikes..."
Yea. The announcers were getting a little crazy with the Spies-love :)
But they had one thing right, Yamaha has got an amazing race lineup with Spies and Rossi both racing their blue rockets.
The times when he was ~3 seconds over 2nd & 3rd though. Really impressive for the AMA guy.
Had to laugh at the comment that his mom didn't like it when they raced where there were big screens because he'd watch them as he passed. Must be good to be so confident! =)

Haga & Biaggi - woo hoo!! Was on my edge for that last lap!! Kinda wanted Biaggi to take 2nd instead but I can see that I already have a bias for the season

(biaggi!!! <3, <3 , <3!! ) source

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Biagi??? your Motogp bias is showing. Those Mad Roman Eyes are going to have to get used to looking at the back of good ol number 41 and 19 all season long :)

yeah, he's cuter now that he's not racing against Rossi. ;-P Too bad Spies is gonna SMOKE him this year!!!

Wait, were you there??!?!!!? Do tell!

In Qatar??? No. Between you and me, you've got pole position for traveling. I've been ~nowhere~. :D

Yea. I'm biased but really how can I not get all swoony for a guy named Massimiliano =D

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